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Committee Chair - General

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Basic Functions and Responsibilities
A Committee Chair is a member of the EASFAA Council who is responsible for the operation and success of a particular Association committee. More explicit responsibilities are provided for selected committees.
Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Attend all EASFAA Council meetings.
  2. Select members to serve on the committee who are representative of the entire EASFAA region and who can contribute to successfully reaching the committee's goals.
  3. Mentor current committee members for future leadership opportunities.
  4. Prepare an annual budget for committee expenses and operations.
  5. Submit expense reports and vouchers in a timely manner to the Treasurer.
  6. Submit articles for publication in the EASFAA Newsletter on committee activities.
  7. Establish committee goals in keeping with EASFAA's Long Range Plan and the President' agenda.
  8. Provide written Committee reports at all Council meetings.
  9. Prepare an annual report of committee goals, achievements and accomplishments for distribution at the annual conference.
  10. Maintain list of committee members with names, addresses, phone, fax, and e-mail.
Term of Service:
One year commencing with the EASFAA Annual Conference.

Enacted January, 2000

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