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Basic Functions and Responsibilities The President serves as the chief executive officer of the Association and presides at all meetings of the Association.
Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities
Provides leadership and direction for all activities of the Association and all standing and ad hoc committees.
  1. Serves as the official representative and spokes-person of the Association. Delegates such responsibilities to other Council members as deemed appropriate and necessary.
  2. Calls and presides at all meetings of the EASFAA Council. This includes but is not limited to setting the agenda, determining length of floor debate, selecting locations, and establishing other pertinent items. Regularly scheduled annual meetings include a summer retreat, a fall meeting, a spring meeting, a meeting preceding the annual conference, and the Association Annual Business meeting.
  3. Ensures that all committees function appropriately and addresses any concerns as needed.
  4. Serves as an ex officio member of all Association committees.
  5. Submits an Annual Report to the Association on all matters that have taken place during the term of office and that may be of interest or concern to the Association members.
  6. Writes a column for each issue of the EASFAA Newsletter.
  7. Serves on the NASFAA Board of Directors and prepares a written report for each Board meeting.
  8. Attends the annual conferences of the state associations represented in the EASFAA region.
Term of Service:
One year after serving as President-Elect and commencing at the EASFAA Annual Conference.

Enacted January, 2000

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