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State Representative

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Basic Functions and Responsibilities
A State Representative serves as the liaison and representative of a particular state or territory to the EASFAA Council.
Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Attend all EASFAA Council meetings.
  2. Serve as a voting member of EASFAA Council.
  3. Provide information on state activities with written reports at each Council meeting.
  4. Provide information on state activities for publication in the EASFAA Newsletter.
  5. Assist in locating training sites within the state for EASFAA activities.
  6. Ensure proper contacts for EASFAA President and state's annual conference.
  7. Communicate EASFAA activities to state association members through website, newsletters, bulletins or other appropriate media.
  8. Maintain current list of state association officers and committee chairs for EASFAA contacts.
  9. Offer assistance to EASFAA conference chair whenever EASFAA annual conference is located within the state.
Term of Service:
Determined by each individual state but preferably two years commencing with the EASFAA Annual Conference.

Enacted January, 2000

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