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EASFAA Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of EASFAA, I am so excited to welcome new and returning members to a new EASFAA year! I am thrilled to have been elected as your next EASFAA President and look forward to the year ahead!

We have proven that EASFAA can survive even the most difficult of times and we are coming out of the pandemic as a better and stronger professional organization. Our combined strength as an association of professionals, friends and colleagues has allowed us the opportunity to have completed some major initiatives this past year and we are ready to move forward with some exciting new opportunities.

This past year, EASFAA completed a new strategic plan.  We will use this new plan as our guide into the new year and take that plan and put it in to action.

Throughout the last several years, we have learned how powerful personal connection is. Having a shared experience with colleagues in the financial aid profession and through our professional association, gives us a place of belonging and connectedness.  One of the things I noticed most about being part of EASFAA throughout the recent challenging times is a strong commitment to supporting one another. Use the connections through our association to find the answer to a question, ask for suggestions or just to commiserate or laugh at whatever it is that we are going through. We are in this together!

Our EASFAA leads committee has taken the EASFAA commitment to connection and has provided a strong foundation to launch a new committee, EASFAA Connects. The goal of this new committee is to create intentional connectedness through mentorship. Amidst the “great resignation” and staffing shortages, it is our goal to continue to learn from and support each other in our profession and give new financial aid professionals the skills and expertise to be successful.  To me, this is what it looks like to truly align our initiatives with our mission.

Mission Statement:  EASFAA promotes and supports the advancement of its members in higher education utilizing training, advocacy, education, and leadership development opportunities.

There are so many ways for you to get involved with EASFAA. Knowing that volunteerism often presents as another “thing to do” on an already very long list, please know that there are a variety of different commitment levels that may work for you. We have multiple committees doing amazing work and who are looking for additional volunteers on our volunteer form. I encourage all of you to get involved in areas that are of interest to you. 

Let’s work together in supporting the collective goals of our association as well as our industry.

I look forward to working with all of you in the coming year.

Anne McDermott
2022-2023 EASFAA President
Salve University

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In support of the EASFAA mission, we are committed to building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive community of professionals regardless of racial and gendered identities, age, national origin, intellectual or physical disabilities, religion, sexual orientation, professional and educational level, institutional type, or any other uniquely defined characteristics in accordance with the Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

The Benefits of EASFAA Membership

  • Access to a wide variety of training options
  • Leadership development and support
  • Networking opportunities
  • An annual conference
  • Representation in advocacy efforts
  • Exposure to vendor/sponsor products & services
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