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Career Advancement Becoming a valued leader in financial aid and enrollment management and navigating the search process for your next career move

March 21, 2023 @ 2pm EST 

This webinar will discuss the full gamut of preparing for a progressive career in financial aid and enrollment management. Discussion will center around how to prepare for the next step in your career, suggesting ideas for both pursuing an internal promotion and conducting an external job search. Explore how to enhance your profile and what to know about the process of applying for a leadership position in higher education, with a concentration on financial aid.

Robin Stamm Reynders is a consultant in higher education, currently specializing in executive level searches within the enrollment division at colleges and universities. Working with NES since 2014 (formerly Napier Executive Search), NES is a national search firm, committed to successful placements within enrollment management positions, including leadership roles in financial aid.

As with a number of leaders in higher education, an undergraduate work study position in the financial aid office at her alma mater, Earlham College, inspired Robin to pursue a career in higher education.
She embarked on her professional journey at Allegheny College where she spent 21 years in progressive leadership roles within enrollment and financial aid, most notably serving as Director of Financial Aid. During her tenure, Robin played an instrumental role in creating efficient operations, and a collaborative and welcoming environment, in addition to using financial aid as a strategic tool to meet Allegheny’s enrollment goals.
Robin’s expertise, particularly in the use of financial aid leveraging and enrollment modeling, led to extensive consulting engagements for a wide range of institutions. Prior to joining NES in 2014, she worked with close to 50 institutions, assisting them in the strategic use of financial aid to achieve enrollment objectives, and optimizing their processes and customer service.

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Veterans and Neurodiversity

March 28, 2023 @ 2pm EST 

The increasing population of students with Autism bring diversity to our campuses along with some unique challenges. Students on the spectrum are often academically capable yet may struggle in social interaction and executive function which can create issues for staff and students. This session will discuss autism in general, how symptoms may be manifested on campus and in your offices and some strategies to improve the experience for everyone.

Jane Thierfeld Brown is Director of College Autism Spectrum, former Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale Child Study, Yale Medical School and retired Director of Student Services at the University of Connecticut School of Law. She has worked in Disability Services for 42 years. She holds an Ed.D from Columbia University, Teachers College and received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Muhlenberg College in 2020. Dr. Brown consults with many families, students, school districts and institutions of higher education. Dr. Brown has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS News and NPR. She has co- authored “ Students with Asperger’s: A Guide for College Professionals,” (2009) Published in Japanese 2017, “The Parent’s Guide to College for Students on the Autism Spectrum,” (2012) and “Behavior Management and Self-Regulation,” (2012) along with many textbook chapters and articles. She received the Ron Blosser Dedicated Service Award from AHEAD in 2019. Dr. Brown is married and has three children, the youngest being a 30 year old son with Autism.

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Managing Up: An Essential Skill for Career Success

April 4, 2023 @ 2pm EST 

Maintaining a positive, productive working relationship with your direct supervisor and other upward leaders is essential for career success. Yet, how to go about establishing, deepening, and increasing the effectiveness of these relationships is rarely discussed. This session will provide a framework for understanding the different needs and behaviors of leaders, based on their relative position within the organization. Being able to recognize and address these patterns will help attendees to make intentional choices and “manage up” as effectively as possible. Additionally, tips and techniques will be offered around topics such as establishing and re-setting relationships, effective communication, broadening influence, and setting boundaries.

Katie Hawley is an organization development consultant with more than two decades of experience driving organizational success through people and processes. She facilitates positive change for individuals and teams, resulting in measurable levels of increased organizational effectiveness. Her work is grounded in emotional intelligence, Gestalt theory, and the Appreciative Inquiry strengths-based change model.
Prior to founding Hawley Consulting Services, Katie served as Vice President at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont where she held responsibility for overseeing the College’s Board of Trustees, strategic communications, external relations, and human resources and organization development.
Katie holds an M.Ed. from the University of Vermont and a B.S. in Communications from Shippensburg University. She earned a certificate in HR Transformation from Cornell and is a Certificated Talent Development Professional and an internationally certified coach. Katie is also a graduate of the International Gestalt Organization & Leadership Development program, through which she learned and worked with a variety of clients across the world, including in Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, South Africa, and Singapore.

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NASFAA Credential Training - Cost of Attendance
Update! Due to weather conditions for our speaker and registered attendees, this training has been moved to Tuesday, March 28th from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (same location at the University of Vermont)

  • Free for EASFAA Members (Vermont/VASFAA membership not required)
  • In Person Event Only (No Online Option Available)
  • Registration Link:!/
  • Location: University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • Date: March 28, 2023
  • Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm       
  • Instructor/Presenter: Catherine Boscher-Murphy, Associate Director of Compliance, Montclair State University   

This session will give you the necessary principles and processes of student budget construction including:

  • Standard components of a student’s cost of attendance (COA)
  • Allowable additional costs
  • Rules related to recalculation of the COA
  • Help to ensure your school’s COA policies and procedures result in the construction of accurate and appropriate student budgets

We will also cover:

  • COA restrictions
  • Recalculations and Non-Title IV aid

**Bonus material related to the new rules for 2023-24.



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Debt Relief and Fresh Start Initiatives Webinar: Please note that the recording from the 10/4/22 webinar offered by NYSFAAA to EASFAA members is available here: