Financial Aid Day

Financial Aid Day is a special day that is set aside to celebrate and recognize the contribution of all Financial Aid Professionals across the United States of America for helping students realize their college dreams and for being so ever effective at helping our institutions accomplish their mission. Financial Aid Day, FAD as it is commonly referred to, is celebrated on the third Wednesday in October. The first FAD was held on October 20, 2010.

On FAD, colleagues are encouraged to do something special such as, have an office party, a potluck, a toast, etc., to celebrate our contribution to our profession. Colleagues are also urged to take lots of pictures to record this momentous occasion, so that we can share them with our regional, national, state, and federal colleagues, as we demonstrate our respect, love, and passion for Financial Aid: A Grand Profession.

FAD was created by Neville R Brown, the President of EASFAA, during his 2010-­-2011 tenure, as part of what he referred to as “The President’s Projects”. Other projects under this initiative were: EASFAA Across Our Region (EAOR), a video of aid administrators within our EASFAA region at work in their respective institutions, Moments-­-of-­-Silence (MoS) -­- a conference project honoring administrators and their spouses who passed during President Brown’s tenure, Certification of the Financial Aid Professional, an initiative to promote support for the certification of aid professionals, and Dolls-­-For-­-Diversity, a conference project that depicted ethnic diversity through dolls.

Written by:

Neville R. Brown, Eastern Connecticut State University - "Father of Financial Aid Day" and EASFAA Past-President / NASFAA Board of Directors