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Mission Statement

Stand By Me NexGen is dedicated to bridging the gap between aspiration and achievement for high school students. Through tailored financial literacy initiatives and support, we empower students to make informed decisions about their post-secondary choices.

Their Work

The College Funding Project is an initiative of Stand By Me NexGen in partnership with the Delaware Higher Education Office (DHEO) and the United Way of Delaware. We are partnered with 95% of public high schools in all three counties in the state of Delaware. CFP is a program available to all Delaware public high schools that provides financial aid information, resources and direct assistance to high school juniors and seniors and their families as they navigate the world of financial aid for college.

Program Goals:

  • Assist students and their families to successfully access federal and state funding for post-secondary education.
  • Increase the number of high school seniors who complete the FAFSA
  • Be competitive with other states for the percentage of students completing FAFSA
  • Tangentially, increase the number of Delaware students pursuing post-secondary education.

Offering a menu of 6 different program offerings from which Delaware public high schools can choose to meet the needs of their school, including: Paying for College, Paying for College for Juniors, FAFSA Completion Appointments, FAFSA Completion Workshops, FSA ID Creation Appointments, Scholarship Presentations and Choose Your Own Path! – Post-Secondary Options.

Stand By Me NexGen plans to continue our work supporting students and families with FAFSA assistance, highlighting those students who are part of the Latino community in Sussex County, Delaware. Specifically, we plan to work directly with the 2 high schools of the Indian River School District, Sussex Central and Indian River. These schools have the highest percentage of Hispanic and Latino students in Sussex County, with Indian River at 26% and Sussex Central at 49%. We would work with our partners at these schools to determine how best to serve their Hispanic and Latino students towards completion of the FAFSA, which this year has created additional barriers for this population, barriers which we have continued to work diligently to help students and families overcome. In collaboration with the counselors and administrators, we can determine how to best utilize the funding in each school based on the specific needs of their Hispanic and Latino students.

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